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by Victoria Jesswein published 2022/11/12 09:28:36 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:37-07:00

DWPearce: Cubicle 7 would be Dominic McDowall (sent)
Paizo: I'd suggest Wes Schneider
Mongoose: Matthew Sprange
WotC are tricky, I would say Mike Mearls if you can and as a second way to contact Paizo: Owen Stephens
Yeah, you can tell them that I suggested they'd be the best point of contact. I'd probably start with Cubicle 7 and Savage Mojo, then work from there. Wes is a nice guy though.
- here's Dr. G at Savage Mojo - dr.g@savagemojo.com (sent) - email her and tell her about the project, tell her that you're looking to try and get some help legitimizing it and that Darren told you to contact her about it
Seriously though. Hit up Dr. G first and ask her advice - chances are she'll offer that kind of feedback on the site as well as possible connections, or even offer to give you a small bundle of SW Suzerain stuff.
I'd suggest Joe Dever's Lone Wolf RPG (C7 version) as an ideal beginner game for really new players, people who might have trouble with big numbers or hefty systems like PF.
If you look up Cat Tobin from Pelgrane Press and contact her, she might also be willing to help or at least advise too
d.wolfyone@gmail.com - fire me an email and I'll have you on record :)
Shane Hensley is one of the most prolific writers/all round awesome guy I know, since he created Savage Worlds
iIf you can get Shane's backing or just some support of him, it'd go a heck of a way to opening doors.
Dr. G is the CEO of Savage Mojo and incredible at marketing and a lot of stuff

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