Drop In & RPG at Sparq

by Brad Kane — published 2004/02/17 20:00:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:40-07:00
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2/16/2018 - Ran a pathfinder rpg game for 6 year old Natalia and her mother, Jaegar my son also played to fill out the table.  Natalia wanted to play a wizard name flower, she liked that the wizard could shoot fire from her hands with a spell.  She was shy and would not make direct eye contact at first, and would only answer questions with yes or no to start.  We started the adventure off in a small town with a mission to go to another town and investigate an issue with lizardmen.  Travel to the other town was interrupted by a goblin ambush.  Natalia opened up during the combat some, she seemed to enjoy playing the game with her mother.  When they made it to the town, Natalia thought it was very funny to volunteer her mothers character to fight the lizardmens champion.  Our game was short as they arrived after five and had to leave by 6:15.  Natalia did not have much interest in the game, but she did open up over the course of the game somewhat.

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