Determine if any Controllable Variables That Can Lead to Using Role-playing Games as a Therapeutic Modality

by Hawke Robinson published 2004/11/01 20:00:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:40-07:00
Determine if there are any controllable, repeatable "positive" or "negative", statistically significant characteristics of role-playing gaming sessions that can clearly be defined and controlled, and might be most useful to using role-playing games for specific therapeutic treatments, either separately or in conjunction with other therapy modalities.

If causality is established over the course of the RPG Research Project series of studies, then the even more challenging task will be to determine what the variables are that lead to causal influences of role-playing gaming. When those variables are found through additive and elimination controlled experiments, will need to determine if those variables can be controlled in a way that can then be modified to have specific game sessions target specific therapeutic goals for specific population needs.

If such variables are found to be controllable, then being formulating plans to develop defined, modular sessions for specific needs.

If causality is established, and variables are found to be a factor but are not able to be well enough defined for such specific controls, perform various experiments using the cluster of known variables to determine if a broad range of needs groups can benefit from intentional therapeutic role-playing game sessions in general that can still be used for therapeutic use.

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