Determine repeatable causal influences of role-playing games on single variable tests through controlled experiments

by Hawke Robinson published 2012/10/23 09:55:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:27:09-07:00
Determine through controlled experiments if there are any repeatable causal influences on those who participate regularly in role playing gaming recreational activities.

Using multiple sources, including but not limited to the results from the previous correlative research. Implement controlled experiments targeting initially  single variables, for example math scores, or IQ tests, or other single variable tests. Eventually  working up to more complex multi-variable studies. Initial smaller studies will be performed on non-gamers who are introduced to gaming on a weekly (or other period) for different periods of time (duration of each session, and duration of overall study).  Later have more groups, with control groups, and begin adding blinds at various stages of the research.

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