Current RPG Research Queue, Fall 2017

by Hawke Robinson published 2017/09/15 11:15:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:12-07:00
Here is a quick listing of some of the research currently in the queue for RPG Research, as of September 15th, 2017...

A lot has been happening, but we're also very constrained by staff and budget availability. In training staff, I have had to set aside a lot of active research work, so that in the long run, more will get done sooner, but the time for training is extensive so temporarily slows things down.

There are currently over 200 research questions we would like to answer, or further answer.

Here are a few that are far enough along that, when I have time, I can write a full research report on the topic with the current data already accumulated (I just need time):

  • Wrapping up the study on experiences of gender bias in the gaming community & industry.
  • Textbook chapter on all RPG formats, Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation, 4th edition. Only 2 books in the TR profession on the Facilitation Technique, all TRs MUST take the course for certification.
  • Details from use of LARP & RPG with Muscular Dystrophy population. Functional levels 1-3 (on scale from 0=no impairment, to 4=complete impairment of function). Necessary adaptations. Safety considerations (and report). etc.
  • Report from SpoCon.
  • Multiple variables modified, with observational and self report assessments in maximizing experiences of Flow state in RPG, LARP, & CRPG formats.
  • Assessments for techniques in maximizing "camaraderie building" in RPG as quickly as possible. Also ties in research from Tuckman's small group formation (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning/mouring, reforming).
  • Reports on on Accessibility for RPGs, LARP, CRPG, Solo Adventure books & Modules (for a wide range of populations), and fan conventions. Observations, and recommendations for improving.


Those are the topics currently the furthest along. There are half a dozen other research topics in the queue currently as well, but I had to put on the side for now. Most of this year I have been training new staff (5 of them now, in addition to myself). We had two others fall off due to being more rigorous/professional than they expected. We have 9 others waiting for interviews, but only so much time available for the process. It is a constant juggling act. The real bottleneck is that it is all self-funded (mostly my own funding), and the donations are helpful but only a trickle, otherwise we could cover these much more quickly.

  • Since I'll be in a course on human memory and cognition this Fall, odds are that will generate at least one more in that area as well.
  • EEG monitoring results of RPGers, and self-reported & observed experiences of flow state. This is in the queue for the near future.
  • ...


I'm sure there are more, and as people remind me, I will update this page accordingly.

Happy Gaming!



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