RPG Research Reaches Volunteer Number 70!

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/06/27 06:24:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:45:27-07:00
From 1983 through 2015 it was just Hawke working with other organizations. Then just about 2 years ago we were at just volunteer number 9, now we have hit 70! And it is looking very likely we may hit or exceed 100 before the end of the year! And spanning multiple continents!

Can you believe it? We've hit volunteer number 70 already?!?!

While the majority are in the beautiful Spokane, Washington area (including many recently just moved here from around the world), we are a VERY diverse group of volunteers across age, ethnicity, orientation, culture, profession, income, neurotypes, visible & non-visible ableness, 5 continents, and more!we have many others across 5 continents!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer-run research and human services organization studying the effects of music and role-playing games and their potential to improve lives.

Here is a list of our past and current volunteers: https://www.rpgresearch.com/about/about-rpg-research/our-staff

See the many volunteer opportunities here: https://www.indeedjobs.com/rpg-research

and here: https://www.rpgresearch.com/volunteer/

Donation information here: https://www.rpgresearch.com/donate

At this rate we may break 100 by the end of the year! Different volunteers have different levels of engagement over the years, but we are eternally grateful all all of them, past, present, and future.

Many thanks to:

  1. Hawke Robinson (founder), TRS(R), Researcher, GM, RPGA, RPGF, PAS, WA USA
  2. John Welker (VP), TRS(R), GM2+, PAS, RPGA, RPGF, WA USA
  3. Jacob Jones, GM, WA USA
  4. Ryan Allison, GM, WA USA
  5. Heather Allison, Player, WA USA
  6. Danielle Whitworth, TRS(R), GM2+, RPGA, RPGF, WA USA
  7. Karla McCallum, GM, WA USA
  8. Charles Loyd, GM, Indiana -> Spokane, WA USA
  9. Daniel Ivey, GM, Flordia -> WA USA
  10. Drake Robinson, GM, NH USA
  11. Brad Kane, GM, WA USA
  12. Brooke Lively (Vice-chair, volunteer coordinator), WA USA
  13. Katy Koenen, GM & Player, Seattle -> Spokane WA USA
  14. Joe Koenen, Player, performer, WA USA
  15. Kara, Real-time artist, NY USA
  16. Maham Khan, Real-time artist, Pakistan
  17. Rafael Perez, Real-time artist, Cuba
  18. Rajat Pandit, Real-time artist, India
  19. Steve, Real-time artist, USA
  20. Marissa McDaniel, Player, performer, WA USA
  21. Tavish Gregory, Player, performer, OR USA
  22. Barrett Vandiver, Player, performer, TX USA
  23. WeiChong, Zeon, Realt-time artist, China
  24. Brian Huseland, GM, WA USA
  25. Lillian Ragudo, GM1, Player, performer, WA USA
  26. Adam Kantz, Player, performer, WA USA
  27. Andrew Messersmith, Player, performer, WA USA
  28. William Forman, Player, performer, WA USA
  29. Emily Messina, PhD, Board of Directors, CTRS, EWU, WA USA
  30. John "Pyro", Technical support, streaming, moderator, Flordia -> Spokane, WA USA
  31. Erik Mitchell, Researcher, WA USA
  32. Omar Edrees, Researcher, Saudi Arabia
  33. Angela Kraker, Researcher, NC USA
  34. Valerie Krepel, Player Archetype Specialist (PAS1), player, game designer, CA USA
  35. Ryley Ourada, PAS1, player, Spokane, WA -> MT USA
  36. Jennifer Ravasia, GM1, MA USA
  37. Michael Shoemaker, GM, WA USA
  38. Brandon Roan, GM, WA USA
  39. Daniel Zanatta de Aguiar, GM, Researcher, Brazil
  40. Ryan Grau, GM, WA USA
  41. Jonathan Hook, Researcher, MI USA
  42. James Dempster, Real-time artist, WA USA
  43. Nicholas Limbaugh, RPGF, WA USA
  44. Sabina Pinch, Researcher, WA USA
  45. Mark Gallicchio, GM, NJ USA
  46. Shane Daniels, PAS, WA USA
  47. Shane Dean, GM1, RPGA, WA USA
  48. Solomon Mayfield, Web tech, WA USA
  49. Trent Dean, GM, WA USA
  50. Blake Rose, GM, WA USA
  51. Breanne Lingo, Social media manager, WA USA
  52. Cathryn Deehr, Researcher, WA USA
  53. Anna Ryburn, GM, WA USA
  54. Irvin Reynolds, GM, WA USA
  55. Jonathan Mendoza, Researcher, GM, MA USA
  56. Joseph Ososanya, RPGF+, West Africa -> Spokane, WA
  57. David Jeffs, Researcher, Australia -> Spokane, WA
  58. Ian Hunton, Researcher, WA USA
  59. Muhammad Ali, Researcher, Bangladesh
  60. Daniela Steierer, Researcher, Romania -> CA USA -> Spokane WA, USA.
  61. Niklas Anderson, Systems Administrator, WA USA
  62. Kristin Ziska-Strange, Researcher, AZ USA
  63. Aislynn Kenny, GM, WA USA
  64. David Perlman, Researcher, PA USA
  65. Dinah Lankerovich, Real-time artist, WA USA
  66. Rafe Taylor, GM 1, Writer 1, IL USA
  67. Dakota Brown, GM, WA USA
  68. Lydia Tesfaye, Researcher, TX USA
  69. Wrane Soule, Researcher, WA USA
  70. Tonie Clemons, PAS1, RPGA1, WA USA

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