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Website: http://www.wyrdcon.com/2014/05/the-wyrd-con-companion-book/

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n addition to the Transmedia and Interactive Storytelling focus, Southern California’s Wyrd Con features a range of role-playing activities, from tabletop to boffer to theater style to freeform larp. Inspired by Knutepunkt—the annual meeting dedicated to the discussion and innovation of Nordic larp—Wyrd Con offers panels for the practical and intellectual consideration of role-playing games.

Since its inception, Wyrd Con has also followed the Knutepunkt tradition of releasing a book of companion journalistic and academic articles each year. The idea behind the Companion Book is to draw together knowledge from documentation, design, theory, and research and create a space for these authors to be in conversation with one another.

Currently, the Companion Book is separated into two sections: journalistic and academic. The journalistic section invites authors to share their experience, expertise, and documentation in Interactive Storytelling with the community at large. The academic section focuses on scholarly theory and research and, since 2013, has featured full peer-review. As Interactive Storytelling is an experiential medium, practical experience and academic knowledge work hand in hand to advance intellectual work in this evolving field. Therefore, Wyrd Con is pleased to offer these two “tracks” for submission to the journal in one handy .PDF format.

While the connections made and experiences undergone at conventions are priceless, they are also ephemeral. The Companion Book leaves a legacy for Wyrd Con that extends far beyond the convention itself. Articles in the Companion are read and referenced around the world and our international base of authors extend beyond America, including experts from Denmark, Finland, Poland, and Belarus. We hope that the Companion Book will continue to serve as a locus point for the intellectual discussion of Interactive Storytelling for years to come.




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