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If you are interested in participating in the RPG Research Project, we welcome you to the team of volunteers. Please read the following information on how to join, collaborate, receive free training (if necessary), etc.

The RPG Research Project is a loose consortium of volunteers. We research the effects of role-playing games, and share with each other our different approaches to using role-playing games to achieve various entertainment, educational, professional, and therapeutic goals.

For those needing it, we also help train each other to raise the bar of knowledge and abilities in delivering RPG related services.

Here are the many different volunteer-trainee positions available. You may sign up for as many as you wish, though you generally need to take care of the lowest-level entry-level checklists first, before working on toward the higher tier-levels.

While we work together to help train each other, including hands-on real-world (volunteer) experience applying this information, we don't "hire" or certify anyone.

If you want to take the skills you learn here working as a volunteer (getting free training), and take them to the next level hoping to get paid. Check out RPG Therapeutics LLC - . They actually provide commercial grade professional training and have a testing and certification program! Here is information on their training & certification courses:  

Full disclosure, the founder of The RPG Research Project in 2004, W.A. Hawkes-Robinson, is also the creator and president of RPG Therapeutics LLC since 2014. He is applying all that has been learned here, and turned it into a formal training and certification program. They also are hiring certified RPG workers. Their Intern and paid job openings can are listed here:

To formally join the RPG Research Project volunteer team, please fill out the online registration form to sign up for participation in future research as a participant in various roles.

  • Sign up as a volunteer to help with research.
  • Join in many RPG projects and events.
  • Participate in the online forum.
  • Submit research documents to the online archives for public access.
  • Blog about your research.
  • Post news about related research.


Or you may download this PDF form, print it, fill it out, affix a postage stamp, and postal mail it to:
RPG Research Project 
c/o RPG Therapeutics LLC 
1312 North Monroe Suite #114 
Spokane, WA, 99201

You may also contact us for information via email by using this contact page:

Or you may call by phone and left a voice message (USA): (509) 252-0800

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