New Section added to website: Books

by Hawke Robinson published 2012/01/04 10:30:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:27:13-07:00
I recently added a new section to the website under the Documents section, books. These are various books that I have read, am reading, or plan to read. They are related in some way to any of the following: role-playing gaming, therapy, psychology, psychology research, recreation therapy, play therapy, neuropsychology, cognitive neuropsychology, bio and neuro feedback, and similar topics. I hope this resource will be helpful for others in their research as well.

Comments on the books are enabled for registered users, as well as being able to rank them (5 stars). I hope over time to add reviews about the books, and welcome others doing so. There are plenty of reviews on websites like, but not usually with the focus that the RPG Research folks are likely to have. If you know of a good book that you think should be added, please do so (as a registered user), or contact me with the information and I will gladly have it added if appropriate. Enjoy!

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