Various Articles and Discussions on Role-playing Game Stigma

by Hawke Robinson published 2014/06/13 05:45:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:51-07:00
Since this has been a fairly lively discussion when I have brought it up on and forum, I thought I'd perform a brief search on current articles and discussions related to role-playing game and gamer social stigma. This is just a quick list for further research and discussion...

The thread started by rpgresearch:

The thread started by rpgresearch: - 2010 1995 -2011 - 2012 - - just a general paperon stigma, not RPGs (I haven't read through it yet, so it might mention RPG stigma) - 2012 - 2007 -


search part 2

later the same evening,71111/

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