MDA Summer Camp and RPG / LARP Update on the RPG Research Project and The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/07/19 10:40:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-09-26T12:28:25-07:00
This is the week we are providing drumming, tabletop, and live-action role-playing gaming services to the Muscular Dystrophy Association's summer camp. We just finished the first day's services, and will be providing the second day tomorrow. Here is a quick status update...
The first day of our RPG, LARP, and Drumming program, "Battle Royale" at the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Summer Camp went exceedingly well!
The kids had a fantastic time. It was so nice to see them able to set aside their many stresses, pain, etc, and be out there having the immersive wonderful experience they had.
Some stats: 21 campers with MD, plus each has a helper, plus a dozen counselors, plus nurses, etc.
Their functioning levels range from 1 through 3 (0 = no impairment, 4 = total impairment), a large number in electric wheelchairs, age 6 through 17, and roughly even male/female balance. There were 5 of us, from The RPG Research Project, creating and running this program: Danielle, Hawke, Jacob, John, and Ryan.
They wanted us to spend the night and the whole week providing services for the kids.
Of course we had to thank them for the generous offer, but we are only scheduled for 2 days of services for them this year.
Who knows, maybe next year. Tuesday was the battle focused adventure, this Thursday will be the Epic Quest adventure. 
Tomorrow, Thursday, will be the second day we provide services to the  annual MDA camp (we've been providing monthly services since last year).  We will be running an "Epic Quest" RPG & LARP (with drum circles  too). 
I will be dressed as an "Ent". I am 6'7", but will be using ~2' tall  paint buckets as stilts, dressed in leafy outfit, to start them on  their quest to save the kidnapped villagers. They will have to retrieve  floating puzzles from the lake, and many other challenges, riddles,  water wands, and more. Details will be posted on the Patreon page, and  then shared publicly 2 or so weeks after that.
I have GBs of video and photos, however, for now, I will only be able to share the photos without any of the participants, pending approval forms from parents. We'll be posting video and photos starting today, for our Patreon supporters here:  and then around 2 weeks after they will become available to the general public. Happy Gaming!

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