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by Hawke Robinson published 2013/09/15 15:45:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:57-07:00
Join the RPG Research Email discussion list. Some people find it easier to discuss complex topics via email. We have setup such an option for you if you wish...
Join the RPG Research Email Discussion List

To join the RPG Research email discussion list, simply send a blank email to (from a non-Microsoft-based account). 
Then in a few minutes you should receive a confirmation email (check your spam folder). 
Reply to that email, and you will be subscribed. 
You will then be able to post any information related to the therapeutic or educational use of Role-playing games (tabletop, live-action, computer-based, etc.) to:  
FYI, I host this on my own private servers, so your information/email is much more private/safe, especially compared to Facebook.  
If you have any trouble subscribing, I will happily add you manually, just contact me here, or email rpgresearcher at gmail dot com.  

Looking forward to your discussions on the email list!

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