Volunteer RPG Advocate I Trainee

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An Entry Level Position. The Volunteer RPG Advocate Trainee, Level 1, promotes and advocates for role-playing games and related endeavors, including: RPG advocacy and therapeutic recreation advocacy.

An entry-level position. The Volunteer RPG Advocate Trainee, Level 1, promotes and advocates for RPG Research's related endeavors, including: RPG advocacy, therapeutic recreation advocacy, music therapy advocacy.

This is an excellent position for anyone wanting to get in as an absolute beginner and receive a broad range of free training.

Volunteer Level 1 RPG Advocate Trainee

Department(s): RPG, Events, Training, Advocacy, & Marketing

Location(s): Varies (some remote options available)

Reports to: Senior Advocate.

General Purpose

Promote and advocate for RPG Research's related endeavors, including:

  • Role-playing game (RPG) advocacy
  • Therapeutic Recreation /Recreation Therapy (TR / RT) advocacy
  • Music Therapy (MT) advocacy.
  • RPG Therapy
  • RPG Education
  • Public speaking, presentations, and professional panel participation


Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Attend either in-person or via remote access, at least one training session / administrative meeting per week (3-4 hours)
  • Spread the word on websites, social networks, fora, media, blogs, conventions, news papers, television stations, and other public events and media.
  • Report back to Senior Advocate on community feedback and observations.
  • Follow directions of Senior Advocate.
  • Strongly self-motivated
  • Strong collaborative work ethic
  • Reliable schedule compliance


Education and Training


  • Open to all levels of experience for those excited to help RPG Research
  • Strong Internet communities communication skills.


Optional but preferred:

  • Prior RPG experience (any formats).
  • Prior musician experience
  • Prior therapeutic experience
  • Recreation Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation training/education/certification.
  • Music Therapy training/education/certification.
  • Some working knowledge/experience with music and/or music therapy
  • Some working knowledge/experience with therapeutic recreation / recreational therapy
  • Some working knowledge of educational settings.


* RPG formats include: tabletop (RPG), live-action (LARP), computer-based (CRPG), and solo adventure books/modules (SABM).


Core Competencies

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Enthusiastic communication style that excites others with your passion about the topics discussed.
  • Dedicated, hard-working, strong work ethic, with a "can-do" attitude.


Working Conditions


  • Advocate will attend at least one training/administrative session per week (2-3 per week preferred.
  • Prefer attendance on-site as much as possible, though there are options to work remotely
  • Whenever possible attend events where the advocate can speak with people about the topics of concern to RPG Research.
  • Participate in as many game and/or music sessions as possible (recommend 1 per week).



Hours: Varies, 3-12 hours per week is typical.

Compensation: Volunteer position. Engaged volunteers receive extensive free training

For a list of all opportunities available at RPG Research, see: https://www.indeedjobs.com/rpg-research/

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