Hobby Games, Including RPG's Up, Video Games Down in 2010 s

by RPG Research Admin published 2012/02/05 10:30:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:27:13-07:00
According to reports from vendors, sales of Video Games were actually down 8% during the first 7 months of 2010, while Hobby games, including Role Playing Games, sales were all up across the board...

According to the report:"Hobby Games Up, Video Games Down -Recession-Related Or Long-Term Trend?"  summarized from ICv2 about Internal Correspondence #73 the market report indicated that "this summer every hobby game category experienced at least some growth over the previous year according to the market report in Internal Correspondence #73.  Meanwhile sales of video games were down 8% in the first seven months of 2010. "

D&D & Pathfinder were very close in the RPG sales arena. This other detail should be a strong warning to WotC that their move to D&D 4.0 and strong arm license revisions have not been embraced by the purchasing RPG market and WotC should take heed.

Meanwhile, the question remains, is the down turn in video games just due to economic cut bucks from normal spenders, or might there be other trend indicators such as the continuing lack of creativity in the video game industry for so many years, or will this just be a brief blip in the video game market? Does it mean a second chance for the RPG market to experience real growth again (not seen since the 1980's)? Is this because of high unemployment in the younger target audience, or other factors?

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