Presention on Conflict and Barriers to Interpersonal Effectiveness Addressing Inculcated Stereotyping and Prejudice toward RPG

by Hawke Robinson published 2016/06/12 22:50:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:29-07:00
A presentation I created back in 2014 for PSYC 315 "Pyschology of Human Relations" course at Eastern Washington University (EWU) on the biases and stereotyping between RPG, gamers, and non-gamers.

The actual presentation for the course had to be much shorter, but here is the longer earlier draft (with some typos and formatting issues), with far more content than the 7 page one used for the class which relied more on video evidence than text.

Here is the URL for the draft (longer) PDF version of this presentation:

If requested, I can create a web-page version, but will not do so unless at least one person requests.

I welcome feedback and commentary.

Happy Gaming!



A notable excerpt from the presentation updated, regarding the movie "Dark Dungeons":

"Update, October 6th , 2014: I just ran into a self-proclaimed “devout Christian”, who saw the RPG Research sticker on my laptop at a doctor's office. He then regaled me about the dangers and evils of RPG, and that there was now a movie on the Internet illustrating how dangerous it is. From their description it sounded like it was this movie [Dark Dungeons] (they couldn't remember the exact name), and said it was their pastor that had informed him about the movie. Before I could respond to his comments though, he was called into the doctor's office, and he just said “may God save you”. So unfortunately I didn't get a chance to gather more information for future discourse."

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