RPG's Approved by a VA Hospital for Trial Use for PTSD Veterans

by Hawke Robinson published 2013/03/22 12:50:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:27:00-07:00
Far from official, but Timothe Loya on Facebook has stated he has been given approval for potentially using tabletop RPG's as a possible therapeutic treatment of PTSD veterans at his local VA hospital....

Timothe Loya Has announced on Facebook RPG Advocacy group page that he has been given approval to try using tabletop role-playing games in a therapeutic capacity, at the VA hospital for PTSD veterans. https://www.facebook.com/groups/332825630105344/   Hopefully more details will be posted soon. His posting: "Timothe Loya
So I finally got some news about the proposal I had made to my local VA (Veteran's Affairs hospital) some time back. It's tentative, but if they can find an interested Physch extern to work with me, they're willing to try a pilot program for utilizing RPGs in PTSD therapy.

Obviously utilizing actual modern military combat scenarios is taboo, so I'm instead thinking of creating a work up for a Zombie Apocalypse game as it applies to Maslow's Hierarchy, especially the bottom versus the top (physical versus social). Just need to put together some good grey-area scenarios and, should I "get an extern" begin planning a bit more thoroughly and in earnest.

Sorry, little excited. I would love to see RPGs become recognized as an "official" alternate for traditional therapy by the US Government..."


Details currently lacking, hopefully he'll agree to an interview, and can get more details to folks soon. Stay tuned....

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