Super Simple d20 RPG

by Hawke Robinson published 2021/01/22 23:44:08 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:42-07:00
Just an idea for super simple introduction to d20 most basics. Can make a character in just a couple of minutes, and start playing a short, simple adventure, with the most rudimentary of RPG system concepts.

Body (strength, dexterity, agility, fine motor skills, balance, physical, constitution, athletics)

Mental (intellect, wisdom, charisma, social skills, persuasiveness, speaking, bluffing, science)

Spirit (intuition, luck, essence, channelling, magic)





Pick any class, then assign as wanted.

always opposed rolls if another living thing.

Otherwise standard DM assigns DC to beat for task success.

natural 1 is automatic failure.

natural 20 is automatic success

Everyone has base 10 "hit points".

Strength raises or lowers HP.

Everyone does as much damage as their roll beats opposed or DC.

If exact match, then hits but not enough to do real damage.

When 0 or lower HP, unconscious.

when -10 or lower HP, dead.

Can do 1 basic action at a time, whatever it is, nothing complicated. If complicated, each step is another action.

Everyone can move 10' plus their body modifier.

To do "damage" with magic, same as physical combat, if magic declared is damaging, DC exceeded is how many HP done.

Magic always limited to10' range plus spirit bonus.

Detection of traps, hidden, etc. range is always 10' range plus mental bonus.

Unmodified DC is 10, then modified higher or lower as DM deems fit.

Every character can pick any 5 "normal" "equipment" items (sword, wand, net, rope, armor, shield, lantern, etc.)


Character Sheet:

Name: ____

Profession/Class: ___

Physical (visible) description: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Short summarized story/motivation: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Race/Culture: _________________________________

Body: ___

Mental: ____

Spirit: ___

HP: ____

Equipment (5 items): _________________________________________________






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