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by Hawke Robinson published 2020/10/25 10:14:08 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:10-07:00

See this, and please comment:


Greetings you wonderful Patreon supporters!
I wanted to run something by you to see if it would interest you.
First, a little background information to help clarify any confusion, and then the proposal I hope you will provide feedback about.
You may or may not be aware that I am founder of two related, but sufficiently separate organizations: RPG Research and RPG Therapeutics LLC.
RPG Research is non-profit company. We hope some day to be able to afford 501(c)3 status. All of your donations go toward RPG Research's work, especially the community programs and research. RPG Research began with my efforts back around 1984 at a school for gifted & talented children, and online since 2004 sharing with the public researching the effects of all RPG formats, and their potential use for therapeutic goals. In September 2017 we incorporated as a non-profit with 6 board members, etc.
RPG Therapeutics LLC is a for-profit company, providing professional services to individuals and organizations. It has been operating as an LLC since 2014, though I was providing services as an independent provider for many years before.
Generally RPG Research performs research and experimentation, until recently out-of-pocket, and providing services related to the research (to help grow the body of research). When the experimentation and research is complete, we generally make it all available first to our Patreon supporters, and eventually to the general public.
RPG Therapeutics LLC provides a more polished, packaged set of services. It draws upon the research to create professional services to individuals and organizations desiring more formal service offerings than RPG Research can provide.
RPG Therapeutics LLC offers professional education services. For many years we have performed most of this offline. Delivering services in-person, on-site, or over the phone. Really I started doing this more than a decade ago without an official business entity, but formalized it in 2014 with the LLC.
I have been slowly integrating Skype, Google Hangout, and now Discord, (among other tools) into providing a remote tele-education program for those that couldn't attend in person.
I have been working periodically over the past few years on an online platform to make it easier to deliver these courses to people remotely, and also make my work easier for delivering assignments, quizzes (I have a question bank now of thousands of RPG related questions, not even counting the music and Therapeutic Recreation course), tests, grading, and certification tracking.
This has been mostly on a small scale, with a few individuals and companies here and there.
A lot of people have been asking for services, and I just couldn't keep up with demand, so put a lot of them on hold over the past year while training people and formalizing the certification process to try to address the chicken-and-the-egg issue of finding employees qualified to deliver the services RPG Therapeutics LLC offers. So, now RPG Therapeutics is getting ready to try it on a larger scale in 2018. We'll slowly ramp up with just a few courses initially, and as we debug/refine the online platform, increase the number of students we'll accept for registration.
RPG Therapeutics LLC is, as a donation, considering offering to let RPG Research staff use portions of the platform to help them in training the RPG Research volunteers, free of charge. They don't get the official training certificates, or the completed certifications, but it lets them train up to prepare to take the certification exams if they wish.
Would you, kind Patreon Supporters, find it worth your while, if one of the higher level Patreon levels, included some kind of access to some of the courses? This is a little complicated from a business perspective in trying to keep a clear firewall between the non-profit entity and the for-profit entity, but if a formal agreement is written up, it could be done as a donated service.
However, before undertaking such paperwork and technical configurations, I wanted to gauge if such an effort would be worth it to you. 
For example, donors at the $30/month level, after donating continuously at that level for 6 months, could earn a "coupon" worth one 100-level course of their choice, pending scheduling and instructor availability, on the platform. And would keep receiving such coupons every 6 months. There would have to be a hard limit on the number of coupons provided per year.
Those donating at that level for 1 year, could receive a coupon useful for any 200-level or lower course, each year.
Those donating at that level for 2 years, could receive a coupon useful for 300-level or lower courses, each subsequent year.
For those at the $55/mo level, the timelines would be more accelerated (2 months instead of 6, etc.).
What do you think of this?
Is this a resource you would find of worth?
For those of you at the lower donation levels, would it provide you with incentive to go to the higher pay level?
For those of you debating whether to donate at all to RPG Research, would this help you to become a Patron?
I look forward to your feedback.
Happy Gaming!
-Hawke Robinson
Founder, President, Chairperson, RPG Research, a non-profit corporation. -
CEO, RPG Therapeutics LLC. -
Founder, instructor, RPG Education -
Creator, RPG Trailer, RPG Bus. -
Creator, RPG Network -

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