Auditions Open for Tabletop RPG Twitch Stream Players (Ends June 21, 2018)

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We are accepting applications and auditions for players to be in the upcoming Twitch tabletop RPG show "Heroes of the Mist" for RPG Research. Applications/auditions close June 21st. Announcement of selected candidates June 22nd. Show launches June 24th (weekly, Sunday nights).

We are accepting applications and auditions for players to be in the upcoming Twitch tabletop RPG show "Heroes of the Mist" for RPG Research. applications/auditions close June 21st.

We need at least 2 local players (primary), and can accept up to 1 remote player (for exceptional candidates that have a decent setup for Internet connection, webcam, audio, and are a strong performing player).  We also will accept 1-3 alternate backup players during the audition/application process.

Local players must be willing to come to our studio in Spokane, Washington, to attend the game sessions weekly in person, Sunday nights 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm (Pacific Time). Remote participants will join via Jitsi at the same times.

These are volunteer positions. Youth (with written parental consent) and adults of all ages are welcomed. We are also happy to make accommodations for accessibility needs (please let us know prior to arriving if you have accommodation needs).




  • 3+ years tabletop RPG experience (any system).
  • Someone comfortable with being on-camera
  • Behaves in a friendly but professional manner
  • Very reliable
  • Appropriate language & manners fitting a live family-friendly broadcast
  • Must pass background check
  • Enjoys ROLE-play over ROLL-play
  • Energetic
  • Dynamic
  • Expressive (verbally and facially).
  • A minimum 3 month commitment for weekly Sunday sessions 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm (Pacific Time)


Optional but preferred:

  • While prior AD&D 1st edition experience is preferred, it is not required, though you do need to have at least 3 years prior RPG player experience.
  • Acting / voice experience
  • Internet streaming experience

Application/Audition process (in order) for appllication/audition (Ends June 21, 2018)

1. Complete online application process: RPG Research Positions, scroll down and select Live Twitch RPG Player and complete the application. Do not wait for us to respond to your application for you to proceed with the other steps.
2. If you are local to Spokane, email jobs at rpgresearch dot com asking for the address to come to the audition. Or use Meetup to RSVP.

3. If you can, send us a link to a video of you explaining why you are a good fit for the show, and some examples of your speaking and performing abilities.
4. Attend audition.
5. Final audition is June 21st, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 
6. When you receive the acceptance email/call, we will send you paperwork to complete and sign. You will need to bring this completed paperwork, along with your government issues ID and social security card. This is necessary for the background checks. You may be on the show before teh background check is complete, but failure to pass the check will mean replacement with an alternate applicant.

7. If you have not been able to participate in any of the rehearsals, or complete your character, we will arrange time Saturday night or some hours before the show launches Sunday, to complete your character.

8. June 22nd we will announce those selected to be in the primary group, those that are on the backup list, and those that did not qualify this time around.

9. The show goes live on the air June 24th 7:00 pm Pacific Time (make sure you arrive no later than 6:30 pm) here:

Players MUST BE comfortable on camera, no odious habits, no body odor/hygience issues (or too much perfume/cologne). Our players consist of professionals from various fields, including Seattle's Jet City Improv, Recreation Therapy, and others.

Our crew also consists of half a dozen artists (real-time and prior artwork), several moderators, and some tech/a-v roles (could use 1-2 more).

Additional Information

Auditions are for an upcoming weekly live tabletop RPG show broadcast over Twitch to raise awareness of, and and as a fundraiser for, the 501(c)3 non-profit organization RPG Research ( 

We are using Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition in a custom homebrew multiverse campaign setting (Worlds of Beru), with various house rules, and extensions from TSR books and Dragon magazine.

Players will need to pass the interview and audition process before being accepted. While we may not have time for everyone to finish the background check paperwork before the show launches, your continued participation in the show includes the requirement of passing a background check.

You not only need to be an exceptional role-playing game player, you also need to have a good professional manner, keep your language clean even during stressful scenes, and have a dynamic personality that is interesting for audiences to view and listen to (and often root for).

These sessions are a to raise awareness of tabletop RPGs and as a fundraiser for the 501(c)3 non-profit organization RPG Research.

Sessions may include short discussions on the bio/psycho/social aspects of role-playing games, their uses for achieving educational and therapeutic goals, and other information relevant to RPG Research's efforts.

All participants need to be able to arrive or connect remotely at 6:30 pm (Pacific Time) weekly, Sunday nights.

While the show stream ends at 10:00 pm, participants are expected to engage in post-show chat-room and special-access stream interactions with fans for about 15 minutes after the show, up to a maximum of 30 minutes after (10:30 pm Pacific Time).

All ages welcome.

This is a volunteer role requiring a weekly commitment for a MINIMUM of 3 months from when the campaign/show launches June 24th, 2018.


Additional Contact Information

Please feel free to post questions here or send direct messages.




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