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by Hawke Robinson published 2018/02/02 20:20:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:41-07:00
Some interesting observations.

Charles ran Star Wars. He had at least 4 constant players, and a few onlookers, including parents.

One parent interested in "game truck" style services from RPG Therapeutics LLC for her son's birthday.

AiMe, I was slow setting up due to back pain.

Nicholas explained he had been having a terrible day, and was very much looking forward to getting to play AiMe again to try to brighten up his day.

Nicholar didn't want to play SW again, very much wanted to continue the AiMe, An Angle in the Angle, adventure by Hawke.

So he called several friends, two arrived (by bus?). Both female, though one with gender dysmorphic name confusion.

Both extremely quiet and difficult to hear.

Both with very negative body language, crossed arms, downward looks, or defiant/angry/skeptical looks.

Friends of his. They play Cthulhu.

They didnt' like the idea of having to play heroic.

Fugured it wold be "worth it" for the shadow points to lose control of their characters if they were to do as they wished to run amok.

Iniitially very chaotic and uncooprative.

One PC literally pushed the Elf into the (troll) cave.

Once hobbit (nicholas), ascertained it was a giant or troll, and that there were people on fire spit being roasted alive, the two other PCs still were chaotic.
Then Hobbit and elf approached.

When Troll spotted and started to come for them, they fled.

They all jumped into the filthy refuse and fecal matter pile to hide, including the dog.

Then the hobbit jumped out ro mbehind to scare the troll, into bumping it's head. It worked. Troll is 13' tall, the cave at that area only 10' tall.

it cell down slightly stunned. Hobbit then expected the other Pcs to help. Instead they hid int he pile.

But did send dot out.

Trolll hit hobbit and in single blow knocked to negtative -3 hp.

Then turned back to fight dog.

Then elf came out and healed hobbit. Not party started to get some caring and cohesion under pressure.

Both new players now smiling, cracking jokes, much more positive body language, and clearly very much into the game (flow).

The woodman ran to the trolls lair, and began freeing the prisoners.
For some reason the hobbit/Nichalas, now concious again, delcared, "what do you think you are doing woman?"

We all stared at him surprised by huis outburst. I tried to explain to him what she was doing was exactly appropriate, and his outburst not so.

he was a bit chagrined and unfortunately a little defensive.

Meanwhile Elf and dog fighting troll.

Hobbit running back and forth ineffectively.

The two new players now working effectively, the "veteran" player not effective this time around.

I think he was experienving bleed of his bad day into his game. And I don't think he received the relief he hoped for.

The new players said they were surprised how much fund they had. They definittely wanted to continue at next session.

I forgot that we'llbe be gone to ZoeCon. So need to coordinate with Dan and Brad about what they are offering.

Nicholas was a bit mixed. I think he had hoped to be in charge, and it didnt' work out that way, so he was more disappointed, though he said he had fun too.

THey all indicated they were excited to continue from where we left off.

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