The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Prototype Is Now A Reality

by Hawke Robinson published 2020/10/25 10:14:22 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:26-07:00
The wheelchair friendly RPG Trailer prototype is now a reality! Based in Spokane, and hoping to provide services throughout North America. The first session is scheduled for next week...
After 18+ months of searching and re-searching, the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Prototype is now a reality! Hawke Robinson, founder of the RPG Research Project Community Website and RPG Therapeutics LLC, an EWU interdisciplinary undergraduate student (Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Research Psychology & Neuroscience), currently based in Spokane, has the long-term goal of providing free services for people with special needs in un-served and under-served locations throughout North America.
The RPG trailer will make it possible to provide recreational therapy based activities, music-related services, and all role-playing game (RPG) formats including: tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LARP), computer-based (CRPG), and guided solo (SRPG & CYOA), with adaptations as necessary for participant's specific needs.
Typical populations supported include:


More Information on the Trailer -
This prototype did not use the funds from the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer GoFundMe donations. That money is still being saved up for building the ideal, custom-built trailer down the road. This prototype will help test various proof-of-concept ideas for further refinement in preparing for the ideal trailer design.
Without modifications, the trailer as-is (with a couple of Costco tables), will comfortably seat 2-3 people in wheelchairs AND 4+ other people not in wheelchairs, or 8-12 people not in wheelchairs for drum circles and the like. Over time modifications are planned so that the trailer can handle 5 or maybe even 6 people in wheelchairs around tables, and 8+ without tables, but this will do for now.
One of the modifications planned includes mounting two 4 foot tables to the ceiling so there is more free leg space underneath, but for now getting by with the folding tables.
The first role-playing game session testing the RPG Trailer is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4th, 6-10 pm. Using Rolemaster 2nd Edition in my Worlds of Beru multiverse campaign. This is just one of the regular weekly groups, but they are happy to be guinea pigs to work out the layout before taking the trailer on the road for other groups with special needs.




UPDATE 20161004: Just had conversation with KREM2 reporter, Kaitlin, about the RPG Trailer. She wishes to schedule a live segment, on site with the RPG Trailer! This would be Monday, next week, somewhere between 5:20 am to 7:00 am.

TODO: I am trying to find an affordable minimum 12' fold-able (better if could find 14'), portable, wheelchair ramp (minimum 600 lbs, but better around 800+ lbs). So far least expensive is around $770+ shipping. While non-electric wheelchairs can be assisted in and out using the built-in ramp, electric wheelchairs and scooters need a much lower angle of incline. It needs to be minimum 30" width (prefer 36+"), with side guards, end flaps, and traction surface. Most cost around $1,000 USD. So I am thinking of maybe adding that in the goals for the Patreon account. I need to get that Patreon page finished and launched before the Monday morning news piece. I also need to come up with a quick 15-20 seconds summary of the trailer, RPG research project, and RPG Therapeutics so that can sum up quickly on the camera (before Monday).

 TODO: Temporary stickers to put on trailer for:

"The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer (prototype)" "" "email address" "phone" "TTY:" 

And something to cover up the "Vengeance text".

Down the road find artist to make logos, text, and such for a wrap along all sides.

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