Join RPG Research's Hawke Robinson Live Q&A on #RPGNET Hosted by Dan Davenport

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Join the Q&A Session on the #RPGNET Chat server. Dan will be hosting as Hawke Robinson, founder of The RPG Research Project, discusses his research on the effects of role-playing games, and discusses the wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer campaign. Join us live Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Central Time...

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Hawke Robinson has been gaming since 1979, and researching the effects of role-playing games since 2004 as The RPG Research Project. He has also been developing and providing role-playing game sessions to help achieve therapeutic and educational goals of various populations, including:

Hawke is registered with the Washington State Department of Health as Recreation Therapist, and is a part-time undergraduate student at Eastern Washington University, working on an interdisciplinary degree in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, & Research Psychology. His research is self-funded, and he provides the RPG services without charge to participants.

The RPG Trailer campaign is a fund raiser to help build a wheelchair friend trailer to help provide role-playing gaming to special needs populations throughout North America.

Join the Chat Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, 7:00 pm Central Time (5:00 pm Pacific).

Here is information on the Q&A Format Rules:

If you do not have a favorite IRC client, you can use this link for the web-based chat client.

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Channel: #rpgnet

Here is the calendar for upcoming Live Q&A Chat Sessions:

The transcripts of past Q&A sessions can be found here:

Please donate to the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Campaign Today, and help spread the word!

Please swing by and join the conversation with the gaming community.

Happy Gaming!

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