"Gamer folk are more cunning than most"

by Hawke Robinson published 2021/01/05 08:52:18 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:27:12-07:00
An entertaining quote from the Serenity RPG...

I was reading through the Serenity RPG supplement "Big Damn Heroes Handbook" by Margaret Weiss (co-author of Dragonlance Series) productions using their Cortext system. On page 45 in caption titled "Takin' Care of Single-Attribute Superstars"

"Yes, it's entirely possible you'll get that player who sinks all of his advancement and crew character creation into a single, high-ranking Attribute such as Agility and Alertness, and then try to use it for every action he does. Folk are cunning, and gamer folk are more cunning than most."

Just thought it a fun little quote..

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