Utilizing Role-Playing Games In Social Skills Assessment and Intervention

by RPG Research Admin published 2015/04/03 02:35:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:47-07:00
A presentation put together by Dr. James D. Persinger, PhD., of Emporia Statue University in 2003 provides a summary of the history of Role-Playing in therapy, as well as some basic history of RPGs, and numerous tips in implementing RPG-based therapy in a scholastic setting.

While looking for some new/uncovered material to add to the site, I ran across this presentation summary by Dr. Persinger at Emporia State University (located in Emporia, Kansas), which I thought provided some handy insight into RPG therapy from an administrator's point of view. It includes 14 tips on how best to utilize a table-top RPG for assessment and therapy purposes and cites numerous studies of the effects of role-play use in therapy.

There's a numbering issue with the tips: #6 is actually #5, and the first #7 is actually #6. That aside, I found it a fascinating read. Give it a look yourself!


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