Can you help? Spokane community volunteer and donor needs help finding an affordable warehouse to store wheelchair accessible vehicles.

by Hawke Robinson published 2017/12/22 00:45:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:26:09-07:00
I have been parking the wheelchair accessible trailer and bus we use to help the community, in my driveway for a little over a year. Now the neighbors are complaining. Can you help in this search?

My name is Hawke Robinson. I need help finding an affordable small warehouse in the Spokane area, to securely store the wheelchair accessible RV trailer and wheelchair accessible bus.

I donate the use of these vehicles for community and non-profit related services helping people with disabilities and other challenges.

Can you help me find an affordable warehouse that will fit them? The more I have to spend on storage, the less money I have will have left to help others, so it needs to be as inexpensive as humanly possible. Even better if the location has enough room to occasionally run some of the community programs, like the drum circles, games, and other recreation therapy related activities.

For example RPG Research uses the trailer. The non-profit organization RPG Research provides free services for: The Muscular Dystrophy AssociationSpark Central Community Center, and many others.

The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer was featured in the news a year ago. 

I let the non-profit organization RPG Research freely use the trailer and bus to provide Recreation Therapy, Music, and role-playing games to communities and people with disabilities to help improve the quality of their lives.

I am trying to keep costs as low as possible so that any money I have available keeps being used to help those with disabilities and other challenges such as Autism SpectrumDeaf & Hard of HearingMuscular Dystrophy, recovery from brain injuriesPTSDsocial phobiasADHDat-risk youth, and others that I volunteer to help. Those links are all sites with programs I formed/run for various communities in the greater Spokane & Northwest area since 2004. I have recently been joined by a team of other volunteers with a similar vision for helping people.

I have been parking the wheelchair accessible RV trailer and wheelchair accessible bus we use to help the community, in my driveway. Now the neighbors are complaining. The trailer does not sit all the time in my driveway, it often leaves. This mobile facility makes it possible to take the services to where people need it most. Not just throughout the greater Spokane area, but also rural and remote locations where the people most in need have so few services available and often have transportation and accessibility challenges. This trailer is use throughout the greater northwest and USA. It provides a safe, clean, comfortable environment. The bus I am still fixing up for community programs use, right now I'm using my SUV to pull the trailer.

Fortunately I don't live where there is an official have homeowners' association (HOA). I also called and checked with Spokane County, and they stated there isn't anything the neighbors can't do legally. But I don't want to be at war with my neighbors.

So I have been searching since November for something I can afford for storage.

I am having trouble finding an affordable warehouse to store these in , can you help?

I have called about 40+ people from various lease/rental/property websites, Craig's list, etc. And I have driven around the various industrial sections and visited more than 100 locations. Some of the affordable warehouses are very close but do not have a tall enough garage door to drive the vehicle into (most are 10' or 12'). In addition to the vehicles it would be ideal if there is room to store the large amount of equipment I have for community programs such as percussion instruments for over 50 people at drum circles, LARP equipment for over 25 people for the MDA and others.

This needs to be inside, secure, storage, preferably something that can be multipurpose use rather than just a storage expense taking away from funding the community programs.

Something like a small warehouse around 1,000 to 2,000 square feet would work. Even better if it is wheelchair accessible with a heater and bathroom at the location. I can only budget at most $300 per month (all out of my own pocket). It doesn't need to be pretty, just secure.

It know this is a pretty unlikely combination for the cost, and that is why I have been storing the vehicles in my driveway instead.

It has to be a secure storage like a warehouse location, not open RV storage, because the first trailer last year was stored in an outdoor, supposedly secure, RV facility and someone stole all the wiring and metal from the first trailer I bought for the communityI can't afford to risk that happening again.

The trailer is about 9' wide, 26' long, and 13' high. The bus is about 22' long, 8.5' wide and 12' high.

I very much appreciate any help you can provide in this search.

Full disclosure: I created the group RPG Research in 2004. More about Hawke Robinson.

Contact Information:

Hawke Robinson

Phone/text: (509) 481-5437

Email: rpgresearcher at gmail dot com 



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