Apology from Mccains campaign blogger about dnd bashing

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August 01, 2008

Apology from McCain's Campaign Blogger
— Ace

Finally. We're being heard.

If my comments caused any harm or hurt to the hard working Americans who play Dungeons & Dragons, I apologize. This campaign is committed to increasing the strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores of every American. 
--Michael Goldfarb

I think he meant to make that crack about Rifts or Vampire or some gay-wad game anyway.


what alignment is Barack Obama?

Chaotic Awesome?

I think that's right.

Posted by: Ace at 10:55 AM | Comments (86) 
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But funny.

Posted by: Circa (Insert Year Here) at August 01, 2008 10:59 AM (B+qrE)

2 I want a +5 cloak of ethnicity

Posted by: toby hussein 928 at August 01, 2008 11:00 AM (evdj2)


speaking of which,

what alignment is Barack Obama?

Chaotic Awesome?

Lawful Neutral?


Posted by: BumperStickerist at August 01, 2008 11:03 AM (UeP9e)

4 (contemplates making a joke about Barry's Divine Rank)

Posted by: someone at August 01, 2008 11:03 AM (2z2WN)

5 I put on my robe and wizard's hat...

Posted by: brak at August 01, 2008 11:04 AM (RP9T7)


Well played Mr. Goldfarb. 

Posted by: Eleven at August 01, 2008 11:05 AM (7DB+a)

7 Looks like McCain's campaign just made its saving throw vs. NerdBloggers.

Posted by: Moron Pundit at August 01, 2008 11:05 AM (83gRI)


Obama could solve the energy crisis by simply casting lightning bolts into a power line.






Posted by: EC at August 01, 2008 11:10 AM (mAhn3)

9 He possibly meant GURPS, although not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU4TUCh-HwE

Posted by: Brass at August 01, 2008 11:12 AM (v/Ofr)


Should say "not Car Wars."

Posted by: Brass at August 01, 2008 11:13 AM (v/Ofr)


In order to cast the World Racial Healing spell you need to be a 6525th level Cleric.

Posted by: Warden at August 01, 2008 11:17 AM (ns3Vg)

12 I cast "Drill for Oil" at the darkness!

Heh heh heh heh heh!

(If you don't get it, watch this awesomest video.)


Posted by: Qwinn at August 01, 2008 11:50 AM (MN787)

13 I think this calls for an update to Ace's post about what each candidate's D&D character is.  

Posted by: Hal at August 01, 2008 11:51 AM (Z2pZ2)


I think this calls for an update to Ace's post about what each candidate's D&D character is. 

Barring that, D & D characters for some of the cretins in the House and Senate.

Posted by: Curmudgeon at August 01, 2008 12:20 PM (ujg0T)

15 I dunno, what would Barry be?  A cleric who worships himself?  

Posted by: Hal at August 01, 2008 12:35 PM (Z2pZ2)

16 Most of Congress would be a pack of kobolds: small, pathetic, ugly, smell like shit and are about as intelligent as a rat dredged from the Potomac.

Posted by: ECM at August 01, 2008 12:49 PM (q3V+C)

17 Don't forget the part about worshipping a five-headed dragon.

Posted by: Hal at August 01, 2008 01:11 PM (Z2pZ2)

18 This is all just a +5 Spell of Distraction.

Posted by: Stinky Esposito at August 01, 2008 04:33 PM (MMC8r)

19 "This campaign is committed to increasing the strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores of every American." --Michael Goldfarb

Heh. I don't know what the hell you people are talking about, but Goldfarb wins with teh funy.

And yes, I went there.

Posted by: AnonymousDrivel at August 01, 2008 04:35 PM (sI5Ho)

20 "Chaotic Awesome" is easily the funniest thing I've read or heard all week. I knew there was a reason I kept reading this moron blog.

Posted by: mr.frakypants at August 01, 2008 06:20 PM (ZA24H)

21 Straight 18's, dude.  Straight 18's.

Posted by: Walt Gilbert at August 19, 2008 01:36 AM (avlOq)

22 does he have enough charisma points to cast an apology of that level? or is he just getting a buff from mccain being in his proximity?

Posted by: fruhmann at August 19, 2008 08:00 AM (jkM7A)

23 I guess Obama should have cast Protection from Evil before McCain summoned Goldfarb.

Posted by: Seth at August 19, 2008 09:57 AM (qNf5D)

24 Wasn't goldfarb in "Fear of Girls"? He's one of those elite gamers that looks down on the average "Hobbyist".

Posted by: Dreggas at August 19, 2008 10:24 AM (6fREP)


Posted by: 4chan.org at August 19, 2008 10:31 AM (jfe0a)

26 Hard working... heh. Somehow I think he forgot the incantation to Ward Vs Flamer.

Posted by: TheMadChild at August 19, 2008 10:34 AM (Nup+R)

27 I normally wouldn't post here (pretty liberal, FYI), and don't know the context for the original post, but on the face of it....it's kind of funny....listing the stats....I got a smile out of it anyways.

Posted by: Devilham at August 19, 2008 12:25 PM (PtxFX)

28 Devilham, the original context was this post (2nd paragraph) on John McCain's campaign blog, which was deeply hurtful to Ace (for obvious reasons).

Posted by: sandy burger at August 19, 2008 01:15 PM (VC56G)

29 Has anyone ever seen Michael Goldfarb? He's a fat blogger.

Not really someone who should be allowed to play the "cool guy picking on nerds" card.

Posted by: Jay Greeley at August 19, 2008 01:42 PM (138q0)

30 "Looks like our Mr. Goldfarb is an educated man. Now, I really hate him."

Posted by: mghicks at August 20, 2008 09:40 AM (eI9Jy)



   I thought this crap ended in the 80s... yes I RPG (table top and Computer) I'm also a professional (Engineer) and own two small businesses. I also own part of an RPG publishing company... Wow, thanks McCain Staffer. I still don’t know who I was going to vote for yet, but I’m willing to bet you lost some votes.  Funny Obama had a table at both of the major RPG conventions this year, I did not see one McCain sign, nothing…  

   If you don't reach out, how do you expect us to join you?  sad

Posted by: PedroB at August 20, 2008 09:54 AM (9Pxns)

32 Let's say he is 'chaotic awesome' (which remains to be seen): what class is he? a Cleric of the Hope Domain? his +4 charisma would surely make for some killer undead turning - watch out, McCain.

then again, that +4 could just as easily serve a rogue of the Basketball Furies with 15 ranks in bluff.

I'm willing to take my chances. 

Posted by: thecoldcowboy at August 20, 2008 10:42 AM (I/o9X)

33 He needs no magical charm American flag pin pluses to his charisma. I am going to go with sorcerer as his class. He has the charisma for it and he can cast the same spells multiple times each day without rest or studying.

I don't know what level he is but he has cast stoneskin and mind fog (clinton dodging sniper fire).

Posted by: bloatbag at August 20, 2008 03:35 PM (cMC6F)


So let me get this straight,

This Gold-whatever douche calls gamers unamerican (in as many words), gets called on it, makes a lame ass apology (for picking a group that can be nasty if provoked), and now it's all hunky dory again?

Sorry, but he meant it the first time.  Any of you who think otherwise are deluded.  Say, if I make a silly gamer joke after calling you a nazi, are we cool?

Posted by: Donny_the_DM at August 20, 2008 06:03 PM (xY88p)

35 I wish McCain was as committed to the comeliness score of every American....

Posted by: d&d_demographic at August 20, 2008 10:44 PM (lQV5+)


Does anyone else have huge problems with the fact that the original comment was posted on the offical blog, but the only place anyone can fine the apology is on comment sections for other blogs, similar to this one?

I mean, seriously this move was the equivalent to saying, "The Pro-Obama supporters are a bunch of welfare gathering n******"  Because lets be honest, and I'd do the exact same thing, alot of the african-americans who are voting for Obama are doing it because he's a black guy.  Alot, not all by any means.

I served my country, spilling my blood, and giving up any sense of self preservation because I was part of what I believed to be the greater good.  I work extremly hard for my money, and I feel that I know what is best to do with my money.   I own my home, can afford to own and drive 2 cars (not an easy feat anymore) and a daily commute of 72 miles a day.  I am white, I am male, I am what is most commonly found to be a supporter of the Republican party, and the policies of said party.

I am also an avid DnD nerd, have a rather large collection of Warhammer 40K material, and play WoW.  I am a gamer.

This insult that he threw out there was extremely offensive, and the most offensive part of it all is nobody has the testicular fortitude to make a public apology, or at the very least post it on the John McCain blog, where the insult came from.

Go Obama, at least he has the common sense to not call me a loser to my face when his future is in my hands.

Posted by: Thomas at August 20, 2008 10:54 PM (sboMk)

37 Not to put fine a point on this, but some people have failed their satire and humor feats.

Posted by: MunDane at August 21, 2008 08:14 AM (Meq0P)

38 Goldfarb: You are a DoucheBag of Holding +1000!

Now let me get back to worshipping satan and badmouthing veterans, like all us D&D nerds do...

Posted by: Micah at August 21, 2008 09:00 AM (zPRTA)

39 Well although we gammers may be saying that it was good that goldshit did apologize i don't see any saying that they will vote for him.....

I'm a Canadian and would prefer Obama to McCain even though Obama wants to rework free trade, something that would hurt the US greatly, Canada can sell it's oil to other country's and our energy as well.

Posted by: Cherub at August 21, 2008 10:32 AM (cCN/F)


Most. Awesome. Comments. Thread. EVER.

McCain and his staffers are all natural 20 assholes.

Posted by: ay1ene at August 21, 2008 12:14 PM (YmQkS)

41 I'm a Canadian and...

Stop right there!

Nobody gives a fuck what you think.

Posted by: Bart: at August 21, 2008 12:24 PM (mr1eR)


"Nobody gives a fuck what you think."

There's that awesome approach at foreign policy that we've come to expect from the ol' US of A.

Posted by: ersatz at August 21, 2008 01:08 PM (weI1L)

43 lol

shut up, fag

Posted by: Bart at August 21, 2008 01:12 PM (mr1eR)

44 Thomas is lying about being a republican. No republican can whine like that about being "offended." Thomas, by his level of righteous indignation, is obviously a feminist.

Posted by: Choronzon at August 21, 2008 03:25 PM (nHNqe)

45 Yeah, I think Thomas is full of shit.

He might be one of those "republicans" who call C-SPAN to say how sick of the GOP he is.

Posted by: Bart at August 21, 2008 03:36 PM (mr1eR)

46 Ok the fact that he even made a D&D comment in the first place indicates that he's a closet gamer. The reference to gaming in ones mother's basement? Please! everyone who's played dnd knows the best games are held in mom's basement!

Go take a pill of chilling (+7 for each bag of weed you have in your giant bag of weed holding)

God I hate you guys.

Posted by: Joe at August 21, 2008 04:13 PM (OvwPd)


And you fuck your sister.

Posted by: Thomas at August 21, 2008 09:37 PM (sboMk)

48 At least I get laid.

Posted by: Bart at August 21, 2008 09:44 PM (mr1eR)

49 37:

yeah, because if there's anything Jon Stewart and The Deciders have taught me is that "satire" only works when lefties call Republicans Nazis non-stop for 30 weeks. But the moment a lame GOPer makes a crack, it's "out of bounds".

Posted by: eddiebear at August 21, 2008 09:59 PM (WMcja)


Stop casting magic missile to attack the darkness…

I make a Saving Throw against your Stupid, eddiebear...

The only people I hear pooping on Godwin's Law (look it up) is distraught right-wingers, like when they talk about the ACLU (except when they find their encumbrance overwhelmed by Magic Bags O’ Oxycontin, eh Rush?)

Do you know what the problem is?  It's just most rightwingers have a -5000 Bucket of Humor... remember FoxNews comedy half hour... +5000 Bucket of Fail...

I love where this tiff has gone... yeah, good job McCainiacs, piss off the nerds.  See what happens to your interwebz...

Posted by: RppPolyp at August 22, 2008 08:37 AM (75SUz)

51 Eddiebear, there's only one problem with your argument there:

Last time I checked, Jon Stewart isn't attached to any presidential campaign.  Goldfarb made those comments on the official campaign blog, and thus was acting as the voice of McCain.  I imagine McCain approves those posts before they hit the website.

For the record, I am a gamer.  I don't play Dungeons and Dragons.  But Goldfarb's comments were a slap in the face to not just D&D players, but to all gamers.  I don't know if I'm voting for Obama yet, but I'm not voting for McCain if he let that kind of commentary slide on his official site for even a millisecond.  I didn't agree with a lot of his platform before, but this was the nail in the coffin.

~Pissed-Off Gamer Chick

P.S. The offending post is still on the McCain blog, even if it doesn't show up on the front page.  

P.P.S. Yes, there are girls on the Internet.  Deal with it.

Posted by: Rini at August 23, 2008 12:17 PM (5Yyed)


It's amazing that a former military guy who wants to be connected to current military guys would let this slide through his page. Most every military base of any consequential size in this country has a game store within 5 blocks of it's front gate. Wargamers are all pro-military in my experience.

McCain wants to be in touch, wants to be Seen in touch. Alienating a small, but motivated, intelligent and likely affluent minority is dumb. This is reinforcing the notion that McCain and by extension the GOP is out of touch with regular Americans. Even if they hang out in basements.

The campaign and the blog would be better served with more nerds and less trolls. Goldfarb, or whoever, is obviously a gamer and worse the self loathing kind, employing him is bad enough. Letting him speak is enough to alienate the rest of nerdom. That's bad strategy followed by cute but inefective tactics.

But hey, like my old Master Gunns used to say; A bad plan executed poorly is better than no plan at all.

Posted by: adam at August 25, 2008 05:10 PM (56jMy)

53 May Goldfarb be imprisioned with Cyric for the next 400 years...

Posted by: Carlos at August 29, 2008 07:36 AM (dgjc7)

Posted by: Ordos at August 29, 2008 11:48 AM (PQlme)


The alignment of McCain doesn't come up here.  I think he's Wrinkly Hidebound, unless that is the name of British childrens Show character.  


As to his apology, it's a wonk fest.  Used the right terms to show he's played the game but... Goldfarb is still the sonuvabitch who was looking for any mud he could find to throw at Obama, and he decided WE were dirty enough to be used...


Fuck him.  And if McCain can't or won't can his ass, Fuck McCain too.

Posted by: Oddzball at August 29, 2008 06:50 PM (MzY44)

56 @55 Oddzball

Can him?  Seriously?  It's bad enough people in the spotlight lose their jobs over a single non-pc remark about gays/women/mexicans/asians/blacks/whatevers but now that extends to gamers too?

People have opinions. 300 years ago, politicians and orators were known for their opinions. They vigorously defended them.  Now you get a bunch of bobbing heads who are so afraid to fall out of line they'll call a press conference and apologise if they breathe the wrong way.

It wasn't the nicest thing to write, no, but certainly not worth losing a job over.

Posted by: Elisabeth at August 29, 2008 11:33 PM (WW1MT)


Not worth losing a job over?

Opinions are great, but we're not looking for Goldfarb's opinions.

If I went to my local grocery store, and the checker insulted me like this idiot has done, I'd expect him to be terminated.

It's not about political correctness, it's about customer service - those with poor skills shouldn't be working there.

Posted by: Brian at August 30, 2008 04:53 AM (j2kUI)

58 Of course it is obvious Americans don't give a fuck what Canadians think. 

They just want our oil and water, and to imprison our citizens without charge for as long as they like in gitmo. Oh, and blame us for 9/11, question arctic sovereignty (in defiance of international law).

Oh, and they do want our troops dying in Afghanistan, and they applied ungodly pressure to get us into Iraq (which thank god we avoided - to great political cost).

And they crushed our beef trade (and covered up their own BSE), crushed our softwood lumber, are crushing our salmon fisheries etc etc.

Yeah, its very true, our opinions are irrelevant to our neighbours to the south. 

Posted by: dominic at August 30, 2008 08:30 AM (nOoWu)


<< Can him?  Seriously?  It's bad enough people in the spotlight lose their jobs over a single non-pc remark about gays/women/mexicans/asians/blacks/whatevers but now that extends to gamers too? >>


Seriously.  Goldfarb isn't a gamer, he's a paid staffer who insulted both Senator Obama and gamers in his article. 

If McCain can't deal with the screw ups who work for him and put him into these situations, he's proven he's not fit to take the office. 

Posted by: Oddzball at August 31, 2008 12:57 AM (MzY44)

60 As a long-time gamer who is employed full-time and paying her own rent, utilities, and expenses- in a profession that goes a long way toward bettering the community, I might add- I was shocked by this comment. Can anyone honestly tell me that if he had made the same remarks about any other group, he would have kept his job? Not only did he imply that gamers fail to function in any meaningful social sense, but he went on to add that we lack humility and gratitude, as well.

This is simple common sense, and I second the folks saying that he ought to have lost his job over it. I did my time in customer service, and the first thing you learn is that if you're representing something bigger that yourself, you had had better be pleasant, and you had better be polite. If he can't figure that out and watch his tongue, he has no business being an official public spokesperson for somebody who is running for President of this country.

Posted by: Asidian at August 31, 2008 02:34 AM (X5I7O)

61 I'd really like to believe that no one is really offended about Michael Goldfarb's original comment.  Sadly, I've seen enough nerd rage come from gamers over my lifetime so I know there are people who are offended by what's been said.  It's sad, really.

Don't get me wrong, I think the entire comment came off entirely douche-y but I honestly don't believe he meant anything genuinely malicious.  Let's face it, at the very least, he's familiar enough with American gaming culture to know that it does often lean to the left side of the political scale (although in my experience, its usually about 60/40, but my unscientific findings might not apply everywhere) and has enough understanding of what the typical person thinks of the stereotypical gamer... So of course, he'll use it.

It was a joke.  That's all.  Maybe it was tasteless but it wasn't really anything cruel.  As a gamer, I rolled my eyes at the original comment.  But to think he should loose his job over it is silly.  And to even suggest the comment he made as bad as a racist comment? That's offensive.  

And for the record? I've voting Bob Barr, not John McCain.  But with all the shit that's going down in the world... This is a rather meaningless thing, in the large picture.  Listen to the voice of reason people... Fundamentalism is dangerous,  regardless of its origin.

Posted by: Sean at September 01, 2008 03:53 AM (RZhpS)

62 It's bad enough GWB alienated people who stood up for their own convictions, this retard (yeah, you heard me) feels he has to sling mud at bystanders to make a point about someone who likely is not even related to the group being tarred, and not just American gamers, but every damned gamer on the planet. Even GWB wasn't that broad with his tongue. Not only is he a failure as a human being, but he sucks at his current job, and should get canned. The Canadian gov't accepted the resignation of that woman aide (Francoise Ducros) for calling GWB a moron (even if it is sort of true), so what's the deal? Is the USA a country full of double standard first rate political assholes?

Posted by: Probitas at September 03, 2008 04:08 PM (5vKky)

63 **** WARNING ****


I was just browsing the WOTC site when I came across their response to this ignorant and broad comment trying once again to slam Obama. So here's my two cents for anyone who cares to read. Yes, I am Canadian, so my opinion really has no bearing on the election, but I have supported Obama from day one.

Obama, from day one, even through the primaries and the Democratic candidate race has seemed like some who would lead the US well, and someone who would have a good chance of undoing the 8 years of hell that GWB has sunk the US into. One of the main criticisms against him as a candidate is the fact he has little foreign policy experience. But has anybody thought of his choice for VP? Senator Joseph Biden has a very long and good career in the Foreign Policy market, and is considered by many to be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable minds on the subject in the US. I can't think of a better person Obama could have chosen. This demonstrates that not only does he think his choices through, but that he will be willing to listen to his peers and subordinates and would take their thoughts seriously. 

      Now for John McCain's running mate... Sarah Palin has no experience beyond her short tenure as Governor of Alaska and a mayor of a small town in the middle of nowhere. And with the current and ongoing investigation into her conduct as Governor where she had Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan fired for "performance-related issues". Monegan alleged that his dismissal was retaliation for his failure to fire Palin’s former brother-in-law, Alaskan State Troopen Mike Wooten, who was involved in a child custody battle with Palin’s sister, Molly McCann. Seems a bit fishy to me.... Anyways to summarize, McCain will just continue the US's descent into hell, where as Obama has the chance to help it recover to once again, be a shining example to the rest of the world... Obama is human (with a very high Int, Cha, and Wis) whereas McCain seems more like a Kobold or perhaps a Goblin that was so stupid the rest of it's tribe banished it to the land of the humans....

Ok I'm done now, Let the flamage begin!

Posted by: Darkchyylde at September 05, 2008 11:12 AM (dMDuU)

64 Oh and yes, I am a hardcore gamer... I have been playing D&D for a good 15 years, along with many other RPGs and MMOs as well...

Posted by: Darkchyylde at September 05, 2008 11:14 AM (dMDuU)


Alright. I work with Canadians on a daily basis and although our political views often differ. I find them to be a unique and delightful group of individuals. They are also much more civic mined on an average basis than those of the US.

Now as a US citizen with a stake in the outcome of this particular race, I have some words of wisdom for Mr. Goldnuts. Don't joke as a member of a US Presidential Campaign it always ends badly.

For me the point that we as gamers, would be involved in the creation of a story in which we drew information from a source story and related it to dramatic effect to impress and/or demonstrate our feelings on a situation is simply ludicrous. Never before has a gamer made up a story or incorporated someone elses story. We always are very grounded and realistic in all things we touch and do.

As for the living in the basement. It must be the dust and mold that leads us to this hobby because nobody living upstairs has ever started playing D and D.

McCain should be able to control his staff, at the same time anyone who works and respects there boss would be more careful. At the same time Oppinions must be expressed for change to take effect. The current PC climate is detrimental to society as a whole we as a country need to grow some thicker skin.

I think what really pisses us off as gamers is the fact that people still think of us based on an 80's article based on a myth. Like most sub-groups we are the center of recrimination and the butt of jokes based solely on the ignorance of those who do not see us but the mythos and legends. Created by those who would eliminate everything unique or different from themselves. For it is easier to chop down a forest than to understand all the trees in its wonderful variety. Only when you are out of shade or in need of an apple do you realize what you have lost.

So McCain staffers put down the saw before you stand alone in a field.

Posted by: anaxetogrind at September 05, 2008 06:31 PM (vmF4y)

66 "I think he meant to make that crack about Rifts or Vampire or some gay-wad game anyway."

Major points lost for celebrating an apology to one group by dissing another.  That was a low blow, Ace.

Posted by: Kythera at September 06, 2008 09:07 PM (vKHX/)


This is NOT THE FIRST comment Goldfarb made. Check out this reference (http://www.johnmccain.com/McCainReport/Read.aspx?guid=181471d0-5456-4434-9f78-2f30ffc39459) from 8/18/08. So, I feel this is an ongoing issue that McCain is a fool to not address. The RPG community is well-spoken, vocal, and pissy. We will spread the word.

I'm curious how many "pro-D&D" people work for McCain's campaign....

Posted by: Lrdkane at September 07, 2008 01:02 PM (YIcP4)

Posted by: Lrdkane at September 07, 2008 01:04 PM (YIcP4)


Geez, that Goldfarb is an ass. Insult must be the new form of personal expression. It's too bad that most politicos and their ilk seem to thrive off insulting people like rednecks thrive off of incest.

Oops, did I do that? I really must apologize to all rednecks, in no way does incest make them bad people. I feel that McCain wants all Americans to love each member of their family wholly, thoroughly, and completely.

You Dick Goldfarb.

Posted by: Probitas at September 07, 2008 04:56 PM (5vKky)

70 Goldfarb is an Ass Mark II.  He recently accepted firmware updates that make him capable of damaging not only his own reputation but anyone associated with him.

How would he like it if D&D players harassed him for being a vicious and hateful Jew? Oh, I bet he'd appreciate that. I always thought McCain was out of touch with the average citizen. Now I know his cohorts are completely out of touch with the average Gentile.

Screw them.

Posted by: pissed at September 08, 2008 08:52 PM (7uMHZ)

71 #63 I LIVE IN TORONTO, AND I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN I did not move here, because I see Canadian socialism as the zenith of bureaucratic efficiency. In other words, the healthcare is useless to me, and your milquetoast pass-ag culture is an easy explanation why you're so fascinated by our elections. Obama cannot undo the past eight years of GWB, because they are done, for one. The greatest failure of the Bush administration was its sinking us into debt by incompetently leading our military and caving in to the same Congressional Dems who will be pulling Obama's strings while he is in office. Our President has no experience in anything, let alone foreign policy. He has only done what he has been been told to do, and he has done anything, no matter how morally bankrupt or devoid of principle, to get ahead. As for his foreign policy, he chaired the European Subcommittee that Biden had for several years. Obama skipped three meetings on Afghanistan and never convened a meeting with our NATO allies. He skipped 45% of his Senate votes and is habitually tardy. He's a lazy, empty-headed fool. He is a stooge for the same Beltway insiders who've always held power in our government. Likewise, Joe Biden is the doyen of transnational progressives. He is known for his inconsistency in foreign policy, because his first instinct is usually the wrong one. Off the top of my head, the First Gulf War and Desert Fox come to mind. He was wrong about the Iraqi elections and the three-state solution for Iraq. Those are ust the big foreign policy blunders of my lifetime. Oh, he was against the surge and Reagan's Cold War build up, but he has been in the Senate as long as I've been alive. That's the only reason he got to chair the Foreign Affairs Committee. The only reason he is Obama's VP is because no matter how bad Obama will inevitably fuck up, no one will want to kill him and have Joe Biden or then Nancy Pelosi in charge. Now go blow a moose, you maple-sucking, puck-smacking tree hugging Canook douchebag.

Posted by: MCho'sCandidaDiet at November 11, 2008 03:14 AM (EJmQG)

72 Aww, I should have previewed. Didn't know I'd have to use HTML.

Posted by: MCho'sCandidaDiet at November 11, 2008 03:15 AM (EJmQG)

Posted by: warhammer at November 21, 2008 08:42 PM (EARxW)

Posted by: aaa at December 05, 2008 09:31 PM (ArIP3)

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