DnD5 RPGA Uncles Observation Notes 20150730a

by Victoria Jesswein published 2022/11/12 09:28:07 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:07-07:00
Originally posted by Hawke Robinson on April 13, 2016

Looked at log sheets, asked about "Down time", ability to level up between 4th to 5th level, and 10th to 11th level if not able to be in higher level otherwise.

Two tables.
One Tier 1 (low level), one Tier 2 (higher level).
Shared room, two tables next to each other.
Table 2 = Tier 2 table, with John Welker DM, 7 players (plus DM = 8).
2 female players, 5 male players. ages ranging from teens to 40s or maybe 50s.

Table 1 = Tier 1 table, with (female DM name: ) with 5 players (plus DM = 6).
2 female players, 3 male players.
Ages teens to maybe 40s.

Table 2, Welker much louder.

Table 1, DM much quieter.

Table 2, Welker, middle of combat when starting, dealing with Medusa and such.

One player discussing pronounciation of Duergar. Good question.
He said there is an "official" pronounciation, but that the root of it is originally different pronounciation.
I should look into this.

At 17:53, an observer walked up and asked what was being played, and was invited to join, and said "I would love to".
They then interrupted game play to try to find some pregenerated characters.
He was easy going about selection, chose barbarian.

at 17:49, another player (redhead from DM meeting yesterady), joined, existing player/character, but late.

18:03 - John provided me with a DCI activation card:
dci.wizards.com DCI # 7113007232
Using my existing account: Login ID: rpgresearch , turns out I already have a DCI number:

18:15 John asked for my added opinion: if giving immunity to a state already having, would it remove
that state? Example, already turned to stone, would casting immunity to petrification un-petrify.
I believe not, apparently the others agreed.

19:07 another player (young male, mid-to-late teens?) joins table 2.

19:27 mentions "side missions" are they the "secret" missions between levels?

DM's gain XP, gold, downtime days, etc. that they can put on a character, to make up
for their not getting to play.
John finish this adventure took 4 sessions, though gearred for one 4/5 session.
At 19:30 switched DMs.

After various negotiations and setup, Toby the new DM began reading the "Yellow Rose"
adventure setup at 19:52.

Do you have a limit on how many per table? AL = min = 3, max = 7 (players)
Do you have a limit on how far into a specific session walk-ups or late players can join?
Do you have any restrictions on joining mid-modules over multiple sessions, or do they always resolve in a single session?
Do you schedule any breaks in the session?
Do you enforce not meta-gaming, or reducing meta-gaming? If so, how? If not, what is your reasoning?
Policy on texting / smartphones / laptops / tablets?
I know about Renown, but what is "All Faction members get 1 renown?"
The background music someone was playing on tablet?
Have you asked all of your League players if any are going to the WorldCon of off-site activities?
Only combat/treasure/mission XP? No role-play XP options?

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