BECMI B2 "The Keep on the Borderlands" 1980/1981 TSR9034

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/08/11 20:35:21 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:29:02-07:00
This classic Basic Dungeons & Dragons adventure is mostly appropriate for an ongoing campaign for new players, but generally works far better with a more experienced DM.

This is an EXCELLENT introductory campaign for new players, IF the DM has a fair amount of experience. It is not recommended for a brand new DM to run this until they have had experience running at least several other modules, or better yet training from RPG Research, RPG Therapeutics, or other organization, then the DM can really make the most of this adventure which can be placed in most any fantasy campaign setting.

This is not an appropriate module for a one-shot adventure. To really enjoy it, the PC need to meet the various NPC personalities within the keep, become slowly embroiled in the social interactions and plots within, between heading out to clear the caverns in the nearby countryside, while having a safe place to come back and rest between short excursions. This is easily integrated with other D&D adventure settings for campaigns that can last years using the keep as an ongoing base that can become very much like "home" for the players.

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