1983 - BECMI Basic D&D

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/08/11 20:02:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:29:01-07:00
The Frank Mentzer "Red Box" version of Basic Dungeons & Dragons.

Hawke Robinson has repeatedly suggested that this version is "the single most ideal introduction to D&D and possibly to RPG in general, of any published role-playing game. It has a number of issues, but as far as the neuroscience of learning, this edition is very in line with what research shows is the ideal means for learning complex concepts most effectively."

Additionally Hawke suggests, "though there are some issues that could improve it further, that the simpler rules, consequences to violating alignment, and quick character creation make it an overall better introduction to fantasy role-playing than many of the newer RPGs of the past 20 years."

He also suggests that "all RPG publishers should follow this model in their introductory sets" and that "to date, no other product I have been able to find is a more effective starter set than this edition", though "it is problematic for long-term use beyond the introductory phase."

The 3 solo adventures are excellent introductions without the need of anyone else to learn by yourself the basics of playing the game.

The introductory first-time-DM adventure is fine for learning the mechanics, but lacks much role-play and social interaction opportunities in this extremely basic dungeon crawl. That being said, it is a good introduction for non-at-risk populations. This adventures IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AT-RISK POPULATIONS! Instead go with one of the other B-series adventures reviewed by RPG Research for one of the other more appropriate introductory adventures when playing with these populations.

Here are a number of video sessions going into great detail about this product, with commentary and play through by Hawke Robinson and others from RPG Research.







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