Resuming World of Warcraft research

by Hawke Robinson published 2022/11/12 09:28:48 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:48-07:00
I first tried out WoW out near the beginning of the year (2011), spent a couple hours, then moved on to the other MMORPGs I am studying, spending about 1-2 hours each. Now I am going to spend about a month or so on each game to get a more in depth understanding of each, beginning with the market share giant, World of Warcraft. So far, my initial impressions are not very favorable....

Compared to LotRO, WoW is very boring starting out. Keep in mind I do have ALL the expansion packs available. However, having to trudge through initially simplistic, boring, and mechanical quests has not exactly excited me about the game. Gathering X number of flowers from the field, and Y number of gems, is not exactly motivating.

I am also taking the time to read the manuals (gasp!), to see if there are any insights that might be useful and noteworthy.

As i reminder here is what I have:

  • World of Warcraft Chest includes original WoW disc and Game Manual, plus Bradygames Battle Chest Guide for WoW
  • Burning Crusade expansion (included with the Chest) includes Game Manual and Bradygames Battle Chest Guide for Burning Crusade
  • Wrath of the Lich King expansion set including Game Manual
  • Cataclysm expansion set including Game Manual


I will report back more information later. Of course suggestions, comments, and (civil) criticisms are welcomed.

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