2. All RPG Roles Training Checklist - Required (STILL UNDER REVISION)

by Hawke Robinson published 2022/08/18 10:42:26 GMT-7, last modified 2022-08-18T10:42:26-07:00
After completing the All Staff Beginning Training Checklist, if you are in an RPG-related Role, this is the next step in your training.


Required Videos

  1. PBS Idea Channel 0verview Video of RPG "Can Dungeons & Dragons Make You A Confident & Successful Person?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFtlDhksGHA
  2. PBS Idea Channel Mentions RPG Research in comments



Required Entertainment Videos

These will later be watched in "analytical mode", but watch them first on your own.


* Verify completion of this task by taking, and passing the online quiz on Rpg.Education here: (coming soon, until then, send an email to "trainingcheckin@rpgresearch.com" to let us know you have completed this section).


============ THE REST BELOW IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS =========================

Required Documents

  • Participants/Players Code of Conduct
  • Broadcast Code of Conduct (to be uploaded)
  • Game Masters Code of Conduct (to be uploaded)
  • Parent/guardian Permission form for minors participation (to be uploaded)
  • Release for photos/video/audio (to be uploaded)
  • End of game assessment (to be uploaded)
  • Observed Immersion Assessment Scale (pending)




Required Content:







Being considered:

  1. VICE LARP Article including RPG Research
  2. LARP Saved My Life Video
  3. RPG Research ZOE Short Video Brian S Lewis and Christian Doyle: RPG Trailer Go Fund Me
  4. Psychology at the Table Interview
  5. WorldCon "Panel"
  6. All 4 RPG Formats
  7. RPG Research Presentation at Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) 16th Annual Conference at Seattle Children's Hospital 
  8. 35 Years of RPG Research and the end of the year 2017 Part 1  and Part 2 - with Hawke Robinson and Danielle Whitworth, December 31st, 2017
  9. Flow State, The Zone, and Role-Playing Gaming
  10. RPG-099 10+ Tips for players from B1: In Search of the Unknown, with commentary.
  11. The Fantasy Network explanation/history
  12. NeverWinter Nights CRPG Introduction and basic training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOH0vS0PMZY
  13. SABM Introduction to BECMI D&D Solo Adventure Books/Modules basic introduction: https://youtu.be/z70NKDqWRzI
  14. PAX Unplugged Panel 1
  15. PAX Unplugged Panel 2
  16. Spocon Panel 1
  17. SpoCon Panel 2
  18. SpoCon Panel 3
  19. SpoCon Panel 4
  20. SpoCon Panel 5
  21. ZoeCon
  22. Columbia Chronicle
  23. Tumbleweird Article
  24. RPG Brain Trust Award 2017 Trustee
  25. Kill Screen - Tabletop RPGs as Social Therapy
  26. PNWATRA Presentation (audio only?)
  27. WSTRA Wenatchee Presentation
  28. Legends Through Shadow Snippets
  29. Spartan Show Worlds of Beru Highlights
  30. Heroes of the Mist Highlights
  31. Ego Check with the Id DM
  32. Dungeons of the Mind: Tabletop RPGs as Social Therap Kill Screen
  33. Unicornbooty - Fun and Function: How RPGs Can Heal Your Mind and Body"
  34. TSU Presentation
  35. Two Bards + Brian Christmas how RPGs helped them
  36. 2015 year end summary
  37. Decades in review 2 videos, Hawke & Danielle
  38. Elthos -Hawkes-Robinson's RPG Research Project"
  39. RPGNET Q&A on
  40. Michael Tresca 3 part interview of Hawke Robinso
  41. WorldCon Panel Game MAstering 101
  42. WorldCon Game Designers Toolbox
  43. Autism & Role-Playing Games:
  44. LARPing as a Form of Therapy Panel
  45. Presentation Conflict and Barriers to Interpersonal Effectiveness and Role-Playing Gaming
  46. TBI Video
  47. 3 Autism Spectrum Example Program Plans
  48. Eastern Washington University - Analysis of the Report "Alienation and the Game Dungeons & Dragons"
  49. The Defamation of Role-Playing Gaming and Gamers
  50. RPG for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  51. An Overview History and Potential Therapeutic Value of Role-Playing Gaming








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