Research List on RPG Prison Bans and Related

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/01/15 18:16:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-11-12T09:28:57-07:00




 Documentary Kickstarter:


Documentary interview of Elisabeth de Kleer by Michael Tresca (CAR-PGa):


Dice contraband =

Singer vs. .Raemisch -


Ban on books in Washington state:

Revised Washington state book ban: Washington corrections officials reverse ban, will allow prisoners to get used books in the mail =


Using JPay services for inmates, including possibly ebooks:


CDCR List of Banned Books, 2018 -


Standard of Review -


Summary Judgment Standard -



2019 Neflix neuroscience of the creative brain. "up to 80% of prisoners that participate in creativity programs won't reoffend" ---?

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