RPG Research Podcast Episode 6

by Hawke Robinson published 2017/02/08 14:50:00 GMT-7, last modified 2022-10-21T17:19:14-07:00
Notes and references from episode 6.

Primary Topic: Accessibility

The inaugural episode of The RPG Research Podcast. Recorded February 8th, 2017.

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New Staff Volunteer: Danielle Whitworth (our 5th fully committed volunteer/staff), plus many others contributing in various areas.

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Accessibility: Environmental accommodations: lighting, adjustable tables, temperature, noise, etc.

Special needs, disabled, challenged, terminology, with accessibility needs, etc.

Special needs is a generic term meaning people who have special needs to be accommodated, it does not always mean a formal "disability" or diagnosis. People with disabilities of a specific kind, including with and without formal diagnoses, then use the term such as a person with Dyslexia, a person on the Autism Spectrum, etc.

No consistency between textbooks, universities, facilities, professionals, or individuals. None of these are being used as pejoratives, realize we are doing all of this with the best of intentions, 

Accessibility considerations for RPG

Fans for Accessible conventions - FB -

American Sign Language Role-Playing Gaming - http://spokaneasl.com

RPG Accomodations for Deaf/Signing - 

Visual accommodations

2 different character sheets for people with Dyslexia. 

The one that is basically the same, but uses the Dyslexie font. Tested, and fails both on screen and in print.

Wicked Minds, D&D for Dyslexia and Minds Who Differently FB -

The DM Guilds - http://dmsguild.com

The colorful one, 5 pages, very helpful, but very large.

Images and colors (stroop test), much easier than text.

Braille card sleeves - Kickstarter

Braille game card (Clear) sleeves - 64 ounce games - 

Braille Dice (grey) - old Kickstarter

64 ounce Games Braille Dice  (blue) - 

RPG Research wish list: 3d Printer (anyone wish to donate one?) :-)

Geek Therapy Community  FB -

RPG Grow, Applied Tabletop Discussion Forum FB -

The RPG Brain Trust FB -

App that helps with math and such - 

Lap table if can't reach the main table - 

RPG Handbook of Practice - 

Going in Blind, D&D Podcast - 


Coming up in Episode #7:

Email about research - 

Email about teaching on east coast - 

Professional GM - 

March 2nd through 6th - RPG Trailer Tour - Portland, Seattle (maybe ECCC), Cheney.

EWU People with Disabilities Course, March 6th.

May 6th - WSTRA, Bellevue, Presenting (pending) and RPG Trailer Tour

Teaser for next podcast: COPPA compliance and impact on (Especially small) RPG websites.

Taiwanese study - 



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