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This is an amalgamation collection of all media references to/by/about RPG Research (or staff), interviews, essays, presentations, articles, audio, video, transcripts, chat logs, posters, and highlights in reverse chronological order. Amalgamation of News Coverage, Panels, Q&A, Hangouts, Broadcasts, Interviews, & Presentations on RPG Research Studies on the Effects of RPG, and RPG used for Therapy & Education by Hawke Robinson
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PAX East Unplugged 2018 Saturday Panel on Inclusiveness & Accessibility. Unfortunately just phone recording (bad audio), and only last half of the panel. Do not know if someone out there has a complete and/or better version?

Meaningful Religions for Your Game
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Many games include priests as a source of healing magic, but religion is integral to every human society. How can you do more with religion(s) in your game? Spocon 2018 Panel discussion. Audio.

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