Cross-format analysis of the gaming experience in multi-player role-playing games

by Victoria Jesswein last modified 2020-08-22T11:52:27-07:00
Anders Tychsen Macquarie University Sydney Ken Newman University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth uk Thea Brolund University of Technology, Sydney Michael Hitchens Macquarie University Sydney au ABSTRACT Forming one of the major genres of games, Role Playing Games (RPGs) have proven an extremely portable concept, and the games are situated across various cultural and format-related boundaries. The effect of porting RPGs between formats is however a subject of which very little is known. This paper presents results of an empirical study of multi-player RPGs, evaluating how the transference between formats affects the player experience; including the effect of including a human game master in computer-based RPGs. The tabletop format emerges as the consistently most enjoyable experience across a range of formats, even compared to a computer-based RPG directed by a human game master. Author Keywords Cross-platform games, role-playing games, computer roleplaying games, game master, gaming experience.

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