Project Ilmatar Executie Summary draft 2 - 20190829

by RPG Research Admin published 2019/08/29 16:20:30 GMT-7, last modified 2019-08-29T16:20:30-07:00
Executive summary and high level business scope draft document for project Ilmatar


RPG Research, as part of our mission and vision statement, to further our research efforts,  will create through three phases of development a solo and multiplayer compatible
adventure that furthers the vision and mission statements of the organization and helps train our
volunteer staff to use ERPGs to achieve these goals.


RPG Research ERPG Development Project

Three stages to development:

● Stage 1: NWN Mod1 on NeverwinterNights Aurora Platform ESMA (electronic solo or multiplayer adventure) RPG
● Stage 2: Ilmar text only branching ETSMA (electronic text-based solo / multiplayer adventure) RPG
● Stage 3: Vaina (pronounced: Vah-een-ah) activated live action film or animation based on Stage 2’s result, interactive video plus (IV+)

● Platform that allows solo and multiplayer adventures
● Built in some kind of open source license that mandates attribution and does allow commercial use with permission.
● Development tools must allow this kind of use.
● Use some kind of version control (GitHub or other)
● Public download use
● Run on as many platforms as possible (starting with PC)

● Purpose is to make it easy to create adventures for specific targeted goals in recreation, entertainment, education, and therapy


Internal staff training and use by general public for other providers wanting to build on our work


Risk: never finishing / not having the staff to finish
● Must be small enough to be handled in bite-sized pieces Opportunity: we create a platform that is useful to us for our training and our clients
● Something that is useful for others to use
● We get recognition for the creation of something of value by the broader community

● Potential licensing opportunities
● Potential partnerships


Phase 1

● A completely working interactive NWN perpetual world multiplayer module that meets a specific checklist of goals as detailed in the technical scope

Phase 2

● A completely working beginning, middle, and end text-based combat and activity and NPC interactive solo adventure module that runs cross-platform and works for both solo and multiplayer and can be hosted on a server

Phase 3

● As per Phase 2 but with either activated live action video or animations bringing Phase 2 to visual life

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