Cognitive Intervention and Reconciliation: NPC Believability in Single-Player RPGs

by Victoria Jesswein last modified 2020-08-16T15:13:05-07:00
Michael Sangyeob Lee Ball State University USA Carrie Heeter Michigan State University USA POPULAR ABSTRACT Characters in singe role-playing games are often lacking plausibility. This is especially the case with Non Player Characters (NPCs) in single-player role-playing games. It doesn’t take long for game players to sense that NPC behaviors are limited and improbable. Computer scientists working on Artificial Intelligence have recognized the importance of believable characters. However, studies of NPC believability in single-player RPGs have been relatively rare since the definition of believability has different meanings in different fields of studies. In this article, a new definition of NPC believability is suggested. This definition is based on theoretical frames, which offer diverse definitions of believability. Several suggestions on making believable NPC are addressed.

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