The Great Western USA RPG Tour 2018 Sep 19 - Oct 10

by Hawke Robinson published 2018/09/08 21:05:00 GMT-7, last modified 2018-09-08T22:09:08-07:00
We will be touring 8-13 western states in the USA between September 19th through October 10th.

Using the wheelchair accessible RPG Bus and wheelchair accessible RPG Trailer, we are hoping to raise awareness about access accessibility & inclusiveness issues, the latest research on the effects of all role-playing game formats, music & recreation therapy and the potential to use role-playing games to help individuals from a broad range of populations to help improve their quality of life by achieving educational, professional, recreational, and therapeutic goals. It is also hoped to raise funds for the non-profit RPG Research.

If you would like to have the RPG Tour stop in your area, either during this tour, or future tours, or just want to make contact, use this form:

Updates about the tour route and schedule can be found here:


Twitter: @rpgtour

Email: tour at rpgresearch dot com

Phone/text: (509) 608-7630

Youtube Live Streams and recorded videos channel:

Twitch Live streams:

Donate to RPG Research:




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