Tier 8 - Wizard

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/04/15 12:44:04 GMT-7, last modified 2019-04-15T12:47:37-07:00

In addition to the lower tier benefits, all Patreons at this level and higher have the opportunity to participate in live training workshops once per month. Our highly trained staff will provide a 1-3 hour training sessions related to RPG Research’s goals, mission, & vision. Want to become a better GM? Want to learn to incorporate RPGs into your educational programs? Want to add RPGs to your therapeutic program with specific populations? Want to walk through the RPG.Education course in person rather than self-paced?

These workshops will help you accelerate the process, potentially saving you decades of trial and error. Topics are limited to the areas that our staff have experience, training, and expertise in. We can discuss and negotiate the specifics of the content you would like to cover in each month’s workshop.

While we prefer that these workshops are broadcast live, if you have privacy reasons or other concerns that you would rather the workshop was not broadcast publicly, we are willing to accommodate, though it will be recorded for internal training and research purposes.

Listed on “Thank you” credit as an “Wizard” level 7 supporter on our web pages and published books in our “Supporters” section.

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