Tier 10 - Deity of Benevolence

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/04/15 12:46:00 GMT-7, last modified 2019-04-15T12:46:00-07:00
Deity of Benevolence

In addition to all of the above, including listing sponsor (if desired by you):

GAIN: Access to the RPG Research’s internal community Intranet the Role-Playing Gamers Social Network.net (RPGSN.net). Talk with our entire community with in depth discussions, including our volunteer staff from around the world, researchers, and other partners from various related organizations.

Codes of conduct as per the site’s EULA apply. It is a safe, nurturing, friendly, supportive environment of volunteers and professionals. We would love to make it public, but cannot afford to d so, but we wanted to try to expand it to more than just our internal staff and select partners currently on the site.

ALSO: In addition to the lower tier benefits, all Patreons at this level and higher receive additional free access to the online learning platform RPG.Education (donated by RPG Therapeutics LLC to RPG Research) for some of the higher level courses, for as long as they maintain this level or higher.

This includes the lower tier access up to 199 level, as well as any of the online versions of the 200 through 499 level courses. as they become available!

This may include participation in alpha and beta development stages of the course material. RPG.Education access is donated to RPG Research by RPG Therapeutics LLC.

AND: Listed on “Thank you” credit as an “Deity of Benevolence” level 9 supporter on our web pages and published books in our “Supporters” section.

ALSO: if desired, work with one of our game masters to create a deity, in honor of you or your organization, in the Worlds of Beru Multiverse setting that will be featured in one or more of our shows such as “Heroes of the Mist”.

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